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This is Normal Phenomena of Life.
A journey towards biophilic living.
A place to nurture a new material culture for a planet-first lifestyle.
This is where the living world shapes design, expressing its beauty in functional forms.

This is where we connect the biological material revolution to exquisite craft processes.

Where we envision new ecosystems of bio-based production.

Where we plant seeds of radical change through brave collaboration.

The planet is alive, and this is living.


This is living. The mother cell divides. And divides. To create. 4.54 billion lifetimes. Lifeforms. Lifecycles. It’s the grand strategy. The original technology. Amplified by the novel. It’s synthetic. It’s biology. It’s a bacterium. A breath. A bud. A bloom. A bird. All beasts. Microscopic miracles. Monumental moments. The subject. The author. The search for the spellbinding. Where the Earth is electric. And something silent
makes its mark.
It’s an ancient process that the future depends on. The promise to exist. To awaken. Move. Grow. And renew. Renew. Renew. This is living.